Our Coaching Team

Kingston Synchro consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page, and with some helpful tips as well.

Collette Crow

Aurora Team Coach (Monday Session)

Swordfish Team (Saturday and Wednesday Sessions)

Swordalina Team (Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Sessions)

Collette has been a member of Kingston Synchro since 2008 where she took over Coaching the Masters Team as an ASA Level 2 Coach.  She swam in the Great Britain team for 12 years competing all over the world at elite level.  Former coach to the Scottish Commonwealth Squad, she is now our current Head Development Coach.  

Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.

Emily Hampton

Oceanita Team Coach (Monday Session)

Emily has been with the club for over a decade. With a passion for choreography and dance she was drawn to KSSC to assist with choreographing routines. It was not long before Emily completed her Level 2 ASA synchronised swimming qualification and now teaches her own group. 

Jenny Batten

Aurora Team Coach (Saturday Session)

Jenny first became interested in synchro when her daughter joined the club.  In 2008 Jenny decided that rather than be the admiring mum on poolside, she’d like to get more involved and try her hand to coaching.  Since then Jenny has done numerous courses, becoming a highly sought after ASA Level 2 coach, a qualified skills assessor and a competition judge.

Harriet Mutlow

Swan Team Coach (Saturday Session)

Marlin Coach (Saturday Session)

Harriet has been a member of Kingston Synchro and synchronised swimmer for over 20 years. She has competed in national and international competitions, winning both gold and silver medals at the National Masters competitions.  Harriet is an ASA Level 2 qualified coach in synchronised swimming. She also has a judging qualification. In her spare time, when she's not busy with synchro, Harriet works in Advertising for British Gas.

Lis Holland

Dolphin Team Coach (Saturday and Monday Sessions)

Oyster Team Coach (Wednesday session)

Lis is a key part of the club for new joiner development. She coaches our youngest teams and teaches them the foundations they need to become a good synchronised swimmer. 

Lis has been with the club for a number of years. Her eldest daughter joined Synchro in 2003 and her youngest in 2009. Her first role was scoring at a competition which lead to her doing a scorers course. Then in 2013 Lis became a qualified judge. Lis then transitioned to become a poolside volunteer and eventually a club coach. Lis has since gained her Level 2 Synchro Coach qualification and has brought new skills and drills in for her team.

Louise Chambers

Marlin Team Coach

Lou has been swimming with Kingston Synchro for her whole life. Still competing as part of the masters team; Lou impressively juggles her career, training and running the club. Lou has been coaching the Marlins for 2 years with Laura. They are working on a new team for this seasons competitions.


Lou is a Level 1 coach and a qualified judge.

Laura Lindley

Marlin Team Coach

Laura joined Kingston Synchro in 2012 were she quickly became a member of the committee and a the coaching team. Like Lou, she has been a synchronised swimmer all her life. Now swimming for the masters, she helps to run the club, coach and train. Laura has been coaching the Marlins for 2 years. 


Laura has gained her Level 2 coaching qualification and she is a qualified judge.

Katie Holland

Flamingo Team Coach (Saturday and Monday Session)

Land Training (Saturday Morning)

Katie joined KSSC in 2003 after being drawn into the sport whilst watching a Kingston Synchro club display. Well over 10 years later Katie now plays an integral role to the running of the club.


In addition to being the membership secretary, Katie is also a coach for Flamingo Team. Katie also swims as part of the KSSC master team.


After coaching and training on a Saturday morning, Katie leads a land training session to improve the flexibility of the swimmers and their strength. She also encourages them the walkthrough their rountines.


Katie gained her level 2 coaches qualification in October and has enjoyed bring in new drills for the Flamingo Team.

Rachael Stevens

Rio Team Coach (Monday Session)

Rachael joined KSSC in 1999 after a family friend suggested it as an alternative to speed swimming, speed is not her forte. Twenty years on, Rachael still swims with the club in the master team and has held several roles in the committee. At present she is the Workforce Coordinator and incharge of the website.


Rachael gained her Level 2 coaches qualification in October 2018 and has taken things learnt there into her Rio Team.

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