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KSSC Club Championship

For the first time in 15 years on 3rd March 2019 ,Kingston Synchro hosted a Club Championship. Swimmers aged 8 to 17 competed against one another to gain gold, silver and bronze. Swimmers trained the weeks before on the figures set by the coaching squad.


The swimmers were divided into 4 different categories (10 years and under, 11-12 years, 13-15 years and 16+ years). They were required to perform 3 figures in front of a panel of 5 judges.


All swimmers swam exceptionally well.


For the age group 8-10 years; 6th place ribbon was won by Ava Healy, 5th place ribbon was won by Florrie Hunt, 4th place ribbon was won by Bianca Mocanu, BRONZE medal was won by Tarryn Holmes, SILVER medal was won by Greta Pousti and GOLD medal was won by Amaya Herbert.


For the age group 11-12 years; 6th place ribbon was won by Leyna Balzekas, 5th place ribbon was won by Teagan Hartney, 4th place ribbon was won by Zia Davies, BRONZE medal was won by Louisa Loizou, SILVER medal was won by Tess Lea Gladys Drewett and GOLD medal was won by Emily O’Neil.


For the age group 13-15 years; 6th place ribbon was won by Maize Thomas, 5th place ribbon was won by Celia Thompson, 4th place ribbon was won by Josie Riley-Smith, BRONZE medal was won by Estelle Josephine Moen, SILVER medal was won by Carys Bruce-Caddick and GOLD medal was won by Katie Wallace.


For the age group 16+ years; SILVER medal was won by Olivia Barreiro-Tuke and GOLD medal was won by Livy Crow.

Well done to all the swimmers who competed, especially as for some it was their first experience of a synchro figure competition. All your coaches are extremely proud of you all.


Thank you to all the committee members, masters swimmers and junior swimmers who helped out on the day by scoring, marshalling and judging.


A special thank you to Louise and Collette who organised the event.

KSSC Competes in Combo Cup

On 7th July, Dolphin team took part in the Combo Cup. They made the journey up to the Olympic Park, Stratford, to show off their spectacular Power Rangers routine.
Carys, Katie, Josie, Lucia, Nicola, and Celia trained exceptionally hard in the lead up to the competition - occasionally even doing an extra session here and there.  The swimmers presented the routine exceptionally well and made their coach, Katie very proud. 
Thank you to the parents for ferrying the team to the sessions, and supporting them at the event. Thank you to Katie for your drive and amazing choreography which got them to the competition, and thank you to Laura Lindley for judging on the day.
Well done everyone!

Internal Club Competition

On Saturday 16th June, the club held an internal club competition for those swimmers who, unfortunately, couldn't compete in the London Competition last Saturday.  Twenty one swimmers registered for the event.


The swimmers were divided into 3 age categories (Novice; Grade 0 (8-12yrs); and Grade 0 (13-18yrs)) and were required to perform 3 different figures at 3 judging panels around the pool.


So, in third place, and awarded the BRONZE medal for the Novice group, was Florrie Hunt. Second place with SILVER was Amelia Moody and in first place with the GOLD medal was Greta Pousti.


Within the Grade 0 (8-12yrs) category, in third place, and awarded a BRONZE medal was Lily-Mae Kennedy. Second place, awarded SILVER, was Louisa Loizou and first, awarded the GOLD medal, was Tess Lea Gladys Drewett.


Finally the Grade 0 (13-18yrs) age category. In third place with the BRONZE medal was Priya Watkinson, second place with the SILVER medal was Manon Zahri and in first place with the GOLD medal Olivia Barreiro-Tuke.


Well done to all swimmers who competed, especially given it was their first experience of a synchro figure competition. Your coaches are extremely proud of you.


Thank you to all the committee members, masters swimmers, and junior swimmers who helped make the day possible by judging, scoring and marshalling.


Thank you to Louise, whose quick thinking led to the day being organised after the figures were removed from the London Competition.


A special thank you to Collette Crow, without whom the competition couldn’t have happened and who organised the whole event.


Well done swimmers!

Swim England London Competition

Saturday 9th June 2018

Swordfish Team shows us what they can do

Our Wednesday night Swordfish team competed in their first ever competition on 9th June.  The girls have only been training for a couple of months, but nevertheless put in an outstanding swim to finish in third place and were awarded a BRONZE MEDAL.  The next generation of synchro champions has well and truly landed, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store.  Keep up the excellent work!

Dolphin Team Swim to Success

Next up was our Dolphin team.  As the Power Rangers music began to play, we knew we were in for something special.  The girls did a fantastic swim, walking away with a SILVER MEDAL - the hard work paid off.  You and your costumes looked great!

Aurora Team Shines

Our Aurora team were last up from our junior squad.  Competing in the 13-18 year age group, we saw some amazing lifts (some of the best we saw from all Clubs across all age groups).  The Auroras picked up a well-deserved SILVER MEDAL.  

Junior Duet - a match made in heaven

From our junior section of the Club Carys and Emily from the Dolphin team also competed in the duet event.  In their pink and white costumes, the girls swam their way to a GOLD MEDAL!  Kingston were the "15 years & under" duet winners.  Well done for all the extra time you put in during the lead up to the competition, and many congratulations on your well-deserved first place.

Swim England London Masters Competition

Saturday 9th June 2018


The senior swimmers from KSSC also competed in the London Competition.  First masters solo off the block was Rachael​ Stevens. With her high boosts and strong arm movements, Rach received a BRONZE in the solo event​. Lucy Whatley was the next swimmer up with a very artistic "Planet Earth" solo. Lucy finished in 4th place, with some great scores.


The team picked up a ​GOLD medal, and Laura Lindley and Louise Chambers managed to scoop a ​SILVER for their witches themed duet. The Masters team achieved their overall goal of being crowned the London Masters Champions. Many congratulations, it wasn't easy, but they did it!




Not only did the swimmers bring home a hoard of medals but we also had, by FAR, the best support network there.  At certain points in the day, it was hard to tell whether or not the actual paparazzi had arrived, or whether it was the devoted Kingston fans trying to take photos of our champions.  Thank you for all the cheering, the atmosphere was amazing, we couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you to all the coaches who have spent their free time coaching and choreographing the routines, to everyone who helped with the hours and hours of sewing and to all the helpers on the day.



Middlesex Success!

Two for two

May 2018


On Friday 18th May  two swimmers (Ellie Holland and Livy Crow) made the long journey through London on a Friday night after school to represent the club at the Middlesex Championships in Southgate. The competition saw girls and boys from across London and Middlesex perform a range of figures, the main part of any routine. After months of practice and training the girls got to show off their skills.


The girls battled through the competition to win some lovely, shiny medals; with Ellie Holland taking home a much deserved gold medal, and Livy Crow with silver.


The club congratulates you, well done. The girls and the club would also like to thank all those who coached the girls and ferried them to training sessions.


We would also like to thank those who made the journey with the girls up to the competition: Lis Holland and Collette Crow from the coaching team, as well as two Kingston Synchro qualified judges Louise Chambers and Laura Lindley.


Well done girls!

KSSC Masters Travel to Brussels

March 2018


On the 23rd of March 2018 the Kingston Synchro Masters Squad boarded the Eurostar for the Brussels Open Masters Championships. With new kit and a series of new routines we were excited to see what competitors from the UK and Europe would make of the new choreography!


Lucy Whatley Solo: Kanye & Planet Earth


On the morning of day one Lucy Whatley entered into the highly competitive 25-29 age category and performed her technical solo routine. To a medley of Kanye West hits Lucy impressed the crowd and judges with a confident and sharp performance, with that much-loved Whatley trade mark party edge! Later that day and after a few Jaffa Cakes for added energy, Lucy performed a free routine solo. With uplifting music from Planet Earth, and a tropical bird-inspired costume Lucy once again invigorated the crowd with an impressive performance and those essential splits (see picture 1 below). Lucy finished an impressive 5th place, scoring highest for musical interpretation and choreography. Well done Lucy!! 


Louise Chambers & Laura Lindley Duet: Moana & Witches


Later on, Laura Lindley and Louise Chambers (yep, Kingston Synchro Chairwoman!) took to the pool for their Moana tech performance, competing in the 30-39 age category. A brand new and incredibly speedy routine the girls did their best to command the difficult choreography. Scoring highly for their fishtail and ballet leg elements the girls achieved a 61.79 for the routine, placing them in third place, out of seventeen duets going into the next round. The next day they performed their witches themed free routine to music from Beetlejuice, Coraline and Hansel & Gretel. Another difficult routine, the girls scowled dramatically through the performance for added effect and scored highly on overall impression. The highest scores they received were given for difficulty and choreography, which is very much thanks to Head Coach Collette Crow. Louise and Laura retained their third place and received a bronze medal on the podium. 


Kingston Synchro Masters Combination Team: Wonder Woman

Swimmers: Rachael Stevens, Ciara Rooney, Chloe Fletcher, Katie Holland, Laura Lindley, Lucy Whatley and Louise Chambers


With a tight window from National Masters Champs in November, Coach Collette and the team only had 4 months to turn around an entirely new routine, and let's face it with Christmas included let's make that 3 months! With music from Run Boy Run, Wonder Woman and Doctor Who, it was a powerful routine with plenty of canons, sharp figures and highlight lifts. Despite the nervousness, a wobbly warm up swim, and a couple of last minute choreography changes, the girls all swam very well, finishing 8th overall in a very competitive category. Scoring highly for manner of presentation, musical interpretation and choreography the girls extend their thanks to coaches Collette Crow and Michelle Golding for their creation of the routine.


Kingston Synchro Achievements

December 2017



Congratulations to four of our girls who achieved, on this snowy day, their Grade 1. Esme Jones, Ellie Holland, Acantha Edwards and Livy Crow (left to right) have been working hard towards their grades the weeks prior to assessment day. 


Eliza Bell (right) attended the assessment day as well. Eliza trained for her Grade 2 along side coaching on a Saturday morning. She, with all the other girls, have been working incredibly hard and it has all paided off.


What a fantastic achievement, Kingston Synchro is extremely proud of you all.


Well done all!


Kingston Ladies Becomes Kingston Synchro

October 2017

Synchronised swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1984, but only ever as an event for women.

After much campaigning this now looks like it might be all set to change. Here's hoping...


In 2015, world aquatics governing body FINA added a mixed duet event to the schedule for the World Championships in Kazan, Russia. European governing body LEN followed suit a year later at the European Championships in London.


In the UK, male synchronised swimmers were invited to compete at both the National Masters Championships and National Age Group Championships in 2016.


Given the progression of synchronised swimming towards becoming a gender neutral sport,  Surrey's very own synchronised swimming club decided it was time for a shake up too.  The Executive Committee of "Kingston Ladies Swimming Club" elected to rename the Club over the summer of 2017.

Kingston Synchro Take The Plunge at Swim Serpentine

Swim Serpentine, Hyde Park, London
September 2017



This weekend (16th September 2017) Kingston Synchronised Swimming Club (KSSC), and Out to Swim Synchro took to the Serpentine in Hyde Park London as part of open water event Swim Serpentine.

Both clubs along with Swim England were not only keen to support the open water swimmers, but to show spectators what synchronised swimmers are made of. KSSC and Out To Swim both braved the exceptionally chilly water without wetsuits to show spectators some fantastic synchronised swimming routines. Both clubs train and compete in the London and Surrey regions.


Kingston Synchro took to the lake first, like ducks to water, to perform a series of movements to the Harry Potter soundtrack. Displaying synchronicity despite the cold water the masters swimmers of KSSC managed to smile through the routine.


Out To Swim were up next, with their masters swimming offering their routine to the Chicago sound track. The swimmers used hats and sticks as show props to deliver a creative and entertaining routine.


Swim England together with invited affiliated clubs hosted information tents and displays to promote swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming to Swim Serpentine swimmers and spectators. Despite interruption by a couple of confused swans, the event was a success with plenty of spectators and interest from local coffee shop crowds.



Kingston Synchro Masters Take on the World

August 2017


August 2017 saw a team from Kingston Synchro Masters Team (Swordalina) travel to Budapest to compete in the World Masters Championships.  The venue was spectacular, with two temporary pools being built at the bottom of Vajdahunyad Castle in the centre of Budapest. 

It was an intense week with seven days of non-stop competing and training.  The atmosphere was great and the crowd cheered loudly, despite the soaring summer temperatures!

The first event was the solo competition which saw Rachael Stevens enter the 25-29 age group.  Rachael performed a tech routine to music from Inception, followed by her free routine to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean. Rachael swam incredibly well and finished in 27th place overall… a great achievement for her first ever World Championships event.


Next up were the duets. Age group 25-29 saw Louise Chambers and Laura Gee compete with a technical duet to the opening music from Beetlejuice, and a Rio Carnival theme free duet. The duo held their own in an unbelievably tough event finishing 18th in the world, a great result for Surrey and Great Britain!

The much awaited combination team event was the last one to swim on the Sunday.  In high spirits with their Harry Potter themed routine Kingston Synchro finished in 13th place, an impressive accomplishment. The long hours and hard work definitely paid off for the athletes and they're looking forward to the National Masters Championships later on this year in Rugby.


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