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December 2017



Congratulations to four of our girls who achieved, on this snowy day, their Grade 1. Esme Jones, Ellie Holland, Acantha Edwards and Livy Crow (left to right) have been working hard towards their grades the weeks prior to assessment day. 



Eliza Bell (Right) attended the assessment day as well. Eliza trained for her Grade 2 along side coaching on a Saturday morning. She, with all the other girls, have been working incredibly hard and it has all paided off.


What a fantastic achievement, Kingston Synchro is extremely proud of you all.


Well Done!


Coming February 2018

 A new and exciting project for the club... The Water Ninja Challenge 2018 aims to bring boys to our club and our sport.


Boys (and girls) aged 7+ are invited to sign up to a 6 month challenge starting in February next year. Coached by the club’s top coaches the new squad (or ninjas) will meet once per week in Sunbury-on-Thames to learn basic synchro skills and some impressive acrobatic lifts.


The course has been designed with plenty of games, races and short activities to engage new swimmers with the sport, and will finish with an acrobatic performance in the Kingston Synchro Summer Show 2018.


If your son or daughter would like to try something new, or if you’d like more information on the challenge, get in touch today!


7:30pm Every Wednesday from Feb 2018

Bishop Wand School Pool


Kingston Ladies Becomes Kingston Synchro

October 2017

Synchronised swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1984, but only ever as an event for women.

After much campaigning this now looks like it might be all set to change. Here's hoping...


In 2015, world aquatics governing body FINA added a mixed duet event to the schedule for the World Championships in Kazan, Russia. European governing body LEN followed suit a year later at the European Championships in London.


In the UK, male synchronised swimmers were invited to compete at both the National Masters Championships and National Age Group Championships in 2016.


Given the progression of synchronised swimming towards becoming a gender neutral sport,  Surrey's very own synchronised swimming club decided it was time for a shake up too.  The Executive Committee of "Kingston Ladies Swimming Club" elected to rename the Club over the summer of 2017.

We were already so proud have a boy in our club, Kingston "Ladies" no longer seemed appropriate, and there was more good news...the Swim England London Committee gave their permission for us to change our name to Kingston Synchronised Swimming Club.


At our AGM in September a vote was passed to officially change the name of the club, and history was made. Equipped with our new name, logo and kit we're so proud to be at the forefront of this development in our sport.

Swim England is also supporting an exciting programme in Yorkshire, focusing on the development of a male-only synchronised swimming section.

The project is attached to Pudsey Pearls Synchro Club in Leeds. It has been recruiting swimmers aged seven and over and will see the boys compete in regional competitions next year. You can see more via the link below.


Kingston Synchro Take The Plunge at Swim Serpentine

Swim Serpentine, Hyde Park, London
September 2017



This weekend (16th September 2017) Kingston Synchronised Swimming Club (KSSC), and Out to Swim Synchro took to the Serpentine in Hyde Park London as part of open water event Swim Serpentine.

Both clubs along with Swim England were not only keen to support the open water swimmers, but to show spectators what synchronised swimmers are made of. KSSC and Out To Swim both braved the exceptionally chilly water without wetsuits to show spectators some fantastic synchronised swimming routines. Both clubs train and compete in the London and Surrey regions.


Kingston Synchro took to the lake first, like ducks to water, to perform a series of movements to the Harry Potter soundtrack. Displaying synchronicity despite the cold water the masters swimmers of KSSC managed to smile through the routine.

Out To Swim were up next, with their masters swimming offering their routine to the Chicago sound track. The swimmers used hats and sticks as show props to deliver a creative and entertaining routine.


Swim England together with invited affiliated clubs hosted information tents and displays to promote swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming to Swim Serpentine swimmers and spectators. Despite interruption by a couple of confused swans, the event was a success with plenty of spectators and interest from local coffee shop crowds.




And the Winner is...

New Malden
September 2016


Everyone at Kingston Synchro has worked so hard in the last year, and it’s important to make sure we’re recognising that hard work with the legendary trophies!

For those that missed the AGM – here’s what went down.

The Arianne Curry Endeavour Award 
This award is open to swimmers of all ages and is judged by Kingston Synchro’s coaching team. The award this year went to Katie Wallace from the Dolphin team, here’s what the judges had to say... Katie joined Dolphin this time last year after her previous group disbanded, knowing no one in the group Katie quickly formed relationships and worked hard to prove herself with her peers. After only being in the team for a matter of months Katie achieved her ASA Stage 8 award in synchronised swimming. Katie always works very hard and has excellent attendance across sessions which was rewarded when she placed 3rd in the Middlesex Regional Championships (her first every competition!)

The Harden Cup
This award is open for junior swimmers only, and is chosen by our Lead Coach Jenny Batten, and Head Development Coach Collette Crow. This year Collette and Jenny selected Livy Crow from our Aurora group to take home the prize. Livy took home a gold medal for her figure performance at the Middlesex Synchronised Swimming Championships, securing regional press coverage in the Wimbledon Guardian. Not only does Livy shine at competitions, but her commitment to the sport is impressive – turning up to every single skills session despite often being the only swimmer to attend.

The Presidents Cup
This cup is chosen by Kingston Synchro’s 2016 Club Captains Acantha Edwards and Eliza Bell.  This year they decided to award Katie Wallace with this cup. They have been impressed with Katie’s quick progression in the sport, they were very proud of her representation of Kingston Synchro at the Middlesex competition and feel that she is “one to watch” in the club (no pressure Katie).

Abbott Challenge Cup
A slight change from previous years, this cup used to be awarded to the swimmer in 5th place for the number of competition points. However this year our Chairperson Lou has decided to award it as recognition to the newly appointed Vice Captain of 2017 – congratulations Katie Wallace (do you have enough mantel piece for these wins?)

Curtis Cup
Also changed from last year this cup used to be awarded to the swimmer in 4th place. It is being awarded to the newly appointed Kingston Synchro Club Captain as recognition for being elected. Congratulations Eliza Bell, your commitment to the club does not go unnoticed and we’re all really grateful.

Swimmer of the Year:
The swimmer of the year awards are calculated based on the number of points won for the club at various competitions throughout the 2016-2017 season.

Swimmer of The Year 3rd Place – The Vera Offer Cup: Katie Holland

Swimmer of the Year 2nd Place – Roy Judd Memorial Cup: Rach Stevens

Swimmer of the Year 1st Place – Joint Louise Chambers & Laura Gee

Now for the most special of our awards… the Silver Life Buoy. This is chosen by our President Shirley for outstanding contribution to the Club over the previous year. The winner of this award has taken on a huge number of new swimmers, pushing herself and others to create new ideas for her groups and the wider club. Her dedication to Kingston Synchro is undeniable, she gives up an awful lot of her own time to ensure that her groups are nurtured and taught to the highest possible standard. Thank you Lis Holland for all of your hard work.

Well done to all our swimmers and coaches for another fantastic year of competitions, showcases and gruelling training sessions! We look forward to seeing who’ll win these awards next year


Kingston Synchro Masters Take on the World

August 2017


August 2017 saw a team from Kingston Synchro Masters Team (Swordalina) travel to Budapest to compete in the World Masters Championships.  The venue was spectacular, with two temporary pools being built at the bottom of Vajdahunyad Castle in the centre of Budapest. 

It was an intense week with seven days of non-stop competing and training.  The atmosphere was great and the crowd cheered loudly, despite the soaring summer temperatures!

The first event was the solo competition which saw Rachael Stevens enter the 25-29 age group.  Rachael performed a tech routine to music from Inception, followed by her free routine to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean. Rachael swam incredibly well and finished in 27thplace overall… a great achievement for her first ever World Championships event.


Next up were the duets. Age group 25-29 saw Louise Chambers and Laura Gee compete with a technical duet to the opening music from Beetlejuice, and a Rio Carnival theme free duet. The duo held their own in an unbelievably tough event finishing 18th in the world, a great result for Surrey and Great Britain!

The much awaited combination team event was the last one to swim on the Sunday.  In high spirits with their Harry Potter themed routine Kingston Synchro finished in 13th place, an impressive accomplishment. The long hours and hard work definitely paid off for the athletes and they're looking forward to the National Masters Championships later on this year in Rugby.


Kingston Synchro Juniors See Success at the Middlesex Regional Championships

Southgate, London
June 2017


The Competition

This annual event sees girls aged eight to fifteen compete in their age group for much coveted rankings and medals. For the first part of the competition, each age group needs to display four figures to a panel of judges, who score the girls out of ten. This year saw a large number of swimmers from five local clubs compete. 
Left: Katie Wallace collects her bronze medal.

Success in Figures

Katie Wallace successfully beat eighteen other girls to be placed third in her age 10-12 category, her score for the inverted split position was the highest in her group. Livy Crow came first for her fantastic figure performance, beating second place by over 1.5 points! Amelia Farr and Esme Jones also came first in their categories winning another two gold medals in the 15-18 categories.
Right: Livy Crow collects her gold medal.


Second Round: Routines

For the second round of the competition KSSC journeyed to Southgate once more to compete in the routines part of the competition. In this event the swimmers perform a group routine to a piece of music of their choice. The routines are three and a half minutes long and must show strength, endurance, creativity and skill. 
Left: AuroraTeam with their bronze medals


Medal Time

Once again Kingston Synchro saw fantastic results. Our Oceanita and Aurora teams both placed third and each swimmer took away a bronze medal. Dolphin team also swam brilliantly, especially considering it was the team’s first ever competition.

Well done to all for such a successful competition, superbly representing the county as Surrey’s only synchro club!
Right: Amelia Farr collecting her gold medal.

The girls did so well, that we received local news coverage in the Wimbledon Guardian (27th July 2017). 


Click here to read the article. 




















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