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Cake and Kit Saturdays at the Malden Centre

Save the dates now!

On each of the dates below please join us for a piece of cake and a natter, as well as the opportunity to buy second-hand pieces of kit at a reduced rate. We thought it would be nice for each group to take turns to "host", baking some delicious morsels to fill us back up after some hard training in the pool!

25th February: Aurora 1st April*: Ariana Easter Brek 29th April: Flamingo

29th April: Flamingos 27th May: Jupiter 24th June: Masters 30th September: Marlin 29th October: Oyster

*1st of April is one week before Easter and Ariana will be baking. As Ariana don't usually attend Saturdays we will do a special Easter breakfast picnic in the park after the session (9am onwards). Please make sure that you are only bringing cakes (nothing that is sold in the Malden Centre vending machine). We will have a club card machine present so no cash needed. Please also donate any old kit (maybe it's too small or unwanted) to your coaches so that this can be re-sold at these events. We look forward to seeing you soon! Kingston Synchro x

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