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Competition Results: Club Champs 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The KSSC Club Champs returned this year bigger and better than ever. The fans took to the stands, and our swimmers took to the pool to battle it out for those coveted medals in their respective age groups.

Well done to everyone that took part, but in particular our fabulous medalists:

Age Group 8-10:


1st Polly Higgleton

2nd Bella Brown

3rd Adaora Udezue


1st Ruby Byrne

Grade 0

1st Tarryn Holmes

2nd Aoife Comber

3rd Ava Healy

Age Group 11-12:


1st Alice Turley

2nd Romy Franklyn-Eden


1st Lilia Camilleri

2nd Francesca O'Connor

3rd Jemima Curratu

Grade 0

1st Tess Drewett

2nd Amy Kukula

3rd Lily-Mae Kennedy

Grade 1

1st Leyna Balzekas

2nd Isabella Zenonos

3rd Zia Davies

Age Group 13-15:


1st Iya Laureta

Grade 0

1st Lara Kolupaeva

2nd Ruby Lee

3rd Annabel Sagar

Grade 1

1st Celia Thompson

2nd Emily O-Neil

3rd Teagan Hartney

Grade 2

1st Carys Bruce-Caddick

2nd Katie Wallace

Age Group 15-18:

Grade 0

1st Mazie Thomas

2nd Sofia Kubicek

3rd Olivia Barreiro-Tuke

Grade 4

1st Livy Crow

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the day.

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