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KSSC Quarantraining

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Stretching hasn't been cancelled...

Hard work hasn't been cancelled... Motivation hasn't been cancelled... Our love of synchro hasn't been cancelled... and most importantly... Friendships haven't been cancelled!

As we all stay at home in these difficult times, we miss each other terribly, and we miss our training maybe even more! To help keep you moving we have found some workout videos to try at home. One a day to keep us all fit and strong ready for a big return to the pool.

Don't forget to carry on with your walk-throughs, and make sure to log-in to the club Zoom for group land training every Saturday morning 9am sharp.


Never miss a Monday! Start the week right with 10 minutes cardio.


Keep those cores strong and try some ballet.

Wednesday Get the whole family involved and get those heart rates up!


A whole body workout in just 15 minutes? It would be rude not to...


Keep your zen and look after your mind with some yoga.


Is for splits.


Get those frustrations out and build that stamina with some boxing.

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