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Synchro for Eternity - by Leyna Balzekas

For one of our many lockdown competitions we asked you guys to send us a piece of writing, describing why you love synchro so much. We loved all of your entries, but this one really stood out. Congratulations to Leyna for winning with her poem "Synchro for eternity".

Synchro for eternity!

Synchronised swimming is an incredible sport,

it’s intense and enjoyable and that kind of sort.

We care for one another,

we would always be there for each other.

We always come together as a team,

and every routine has a theme.

We strive for perfection from head to toe,

even if we are above the water or down below.

Everyone in the club works hard

doesn't matter if its in the pool or your backyard

To get better, we always train,

so that our routines are exciting and never plain.

The themes and costumes are so incredible,

it feels like they are made by professionals.

The makeup we get is so sparkly,

and we get it put on so quickly.

The gems are so shiny and pretty,

the people who make costumes must be very busy.

We have our HUGE KSSC family and fan club,

and whenever we have competitions, they always turn up.

They always support us and believe,

until we achieve and then succeed.

Although, the biggest people in our family,

are the coaches, who help us happily.

I am so lucky and happy to have this experience,

with coaches who make it fun, not just serious.

Thank you to everyone,

because of you, this is what we have become.

By Leyna Balzekas

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