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The return of "Kit and Cake" sales...

By popular demand we are bringing back "Kit and Cake" sales. Where swimmers can purchase second-hand kit (and a yummy treat or 10) after swimming.

On Saturday dates the sales will take place during and after land training (9-10am) in the Malden Centre foyer. On the Monday date the sale will take place 7-8pm on poolside. Each week a different group will host (parent volunteers most welcome). A card reader will be present for purchases, please bring any second-hand kit you would like to donate, this will be sold at 50% of it's original price and all proceeds will go to the Club towards equipment and training for our workforce.

Sat 11th Nov: Rockets

Mon 13th Nov: Monday Cadets

Sat 25th Nov: Saturn

Sat 16th Dec: Neptunus

Sat 13th Jan: Masters

Sat 3rd Feb: Jupiter

Sat 14th Mar: Saturday Cadets

When it's your turn to host, please bring lots of home-baked (or bought) cakes to sell, as well as some napkins. Card reader and kit stock will be provided by Lou.

For any questions please contact Iveta (Fundraising Officer):

Please donate any unwanted kit to your coach ASAP. Thank you and happy baking!

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