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Christmas Party & Awards 2023

By Louise Chambers (Club Chair)

Kingston Synchro celebrated its 2023 achievements with an end of year party at the Royal Oak in New Malden.  The swimmers showed off their moves on the dancefloor rather than in water (for a change!) and it was clear to see that the team spirit within the Club was alive and well.  In and amongst the fun the Club's annual awards took place, and a full list of the winners can be seen below. 

A huge well done to everyone who was awarded a trophy, it was very well deserved.  And to all the new swimmers who picked up their certificates for recent Skill Level passes, we're looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings (maybe even a grade or two?)

As always, a MASSIVE thanks to the Club's volunteers and coaches.  As the Club grows, so does the time required to keep everything running as smoothly as possible - without your enthusiasm and support we wouldn't be where we are today.

Award Winners 2023

Here's to a successful 2024!

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