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Club Championships 2024

We are delighted to share the results of our club championships, which took place on Saturday 2nd March at the Malden Centre. It was a fantastic morning of competing, with a huge number of our swimmers taking part in the event across 12 categories, from Novice to Grade 4.  We saw some amazing figures, and we are very proud of everyone.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Katie Holland, who organised the event and made sure everything ran smoothly.  She put in a lot of hard work, and we are very grateful for her dedication behind the scenes.  We would also like to thank all the judges and volunteers, who gave their time and expertise to support the event.  We appreciate their feedback and encouragement.


We had a lot of swimmers who competed for the first time, and we want to give them a special well done.  It can be nerve-wracking to perform in front of an audience, but they showed great confidence.  We hope they enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.


The winners of each category are listed below, and we congratulate them on their achievements.  What a great start to the 2024 competition season!


We hope everyone had a fun and rewarding time, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next event.


The winners were:

Overall trophy winners (for the highest points in each age group):

12 and under: Molly Urquhart

13-15 age group: Lilia Camilleri

15-18 age group: Leyna Balzekas


Grade 4, 15-18 age group:

1st place - Zia Davies

2nd place - Teagan Hartney

3rd place - Erin Hartney


Grade 3, 15-18 age group:

1st place - Leyna Balzekas

2nd place - Amy Kukula

3rd place - Bianca Mocanu


Grade 3, 13-15 age group:

1st place - Lilia Camilleri


Grade 2, 15-18 age group:

1st place - Ella Wilson


Grade 2, 13-15 age group:

1st place - Aoife Comber

2nd place - Amaya Herbert

3rd place - Isabella Zenonos


Grade 1, 15-18 age group:

1st place - Miranda Docherty

2nd place - Annabel Sagar

3rd place - Francesca O'Connor


Grade 1, 13-15 age group:

1st place - Ava Healey

2nd place - Oline Gittins

3rd place - Polly Giles Gould


Grade 0, under 10 age group:

1st place - Martha Barker Downes

2nd place - Alisa Sorina

3rd place - Mabel Harop


Grade 0, 11-12 age group:

1st place - Molly Urquhart

2nd place - Lena Zrilic

3rd place - Emma Thorne-Jones


Grade 0, 13-15 age group:

1st place - Olivia Smith

2nd place - Edie Tew

3rd place - Polly Higgleton


Novice, under 10 age group:

1st place - Nina Steel

2nd place - Isla Urquhart

3rd place - Evie Carter


Novice, 11-12 age group:

1st place - Aimee Green

2nd place - Harriet Mason

3rd place - Eleonora Maggi

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